The purpose of ARKA Living is to bring home a touch of nature and inspire people to unleash their imagination while experiencing beauty in their own space. 

Our company is an expansion of the KsaR Living interior design company that is based in Ibiza and has been in the marketplace for more than a decade. KsaR–founded by the Spanish interior designer and architect Alberto Cortes–specializes in the design and set-up of luxury villas, boutique hotels, restaurants, and resorts worldwide. ARKA is headquartered in the design district of Houston, Texas. We work in collaboration with interior designers, architects, and individuals to identify and integrate our variety of products brought from different regions of Africa, South East Asia, and the Mediterranean. All together we shape a harmonious atmosphere in which the mixture of history and art give an aura of mysticism and contemplation at home or in the business office. We also specialize in bathrooms, and swimming pools as we produce and import our own custom-designed tiles, natural stones, and flooring.

ARKA’s commitment is to cause a fusion of far off cultures with our modern day style to create an ambience of endless creativity and a zest for life.